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The Good Blanket

Zero Waste, Fair Trade + ethically made. Perfect for any adventure.

This blanket helps save rhinos

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For every product purchased 10% is donated to help save lives and better our world.


Simple Travel Skin Care

Simple Travel Skin Care

If there is one thing I've learned from my travels is that it's best to keep it as light as possible in the packing department. This can sometimes be tricky with skin care because it's a sneaky area in which you can easily over pack. Here I will share a...

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Where in the world is Wakened Apparel: BC, Canada

Where in the world is Wakened Apparel: BC, Canada

We are excited to bring our Wakened community a new blog series: Where in the world is Wakened Apparel. For this blog series we want to take you along with us where we do our photoshoots, our travels, and what we see. We hope you love this blog series and...

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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

We are well into the month of July now. A month full of summertime glee and sunshine! But did you know that this also is a month free of plastic?? At least this is the case for those who are participating in Plastic Free July. During the month of July...

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