Horizon necklace
Horizon necklace Horizon necklace Horizon necklace Horizon necklace
$ 18.00

A gold metallic crescent with fauna-inspired etching is inlaid in a sleek wooden medallion that hangs from a brass chain necklace.

Materials: Wood, Brass + Metal

Dimensions: 2.25" x 1 7/8" piece, 15” drop

  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable
  • Handmade
  • Helps fund Community Development

Our Horizon necklace is simple + sleek! This circular pendant necklace has a golden brass plating etched with a floral design that lays over wood on a brass chain. We named this necklace because of it’s look. The way the brass piece lays against the natural wood is reminiscent of the gold shimmer that is reflected onto the water against the oceans horizon. 10% of this necklaces donates to the Pets in Need, an animals shelter local to us + one that is near to our hearts. Through this purchase you are helping Pets in Need’s mission to advance the no-kill movement in shelters + provide lasting love to homeless pets. All of our necklaces are handmade in India by artisans, providing them sustainable growth opportunities through fair trade practices. Made by women, for women.