Birch Blanket Throw

$ 75 $ 85
Say ‘hello’ to our new Wakened Home collection!
This blanket will add a touch of texture, softness + calm neutral tones to a space. It serves as a great accent piece that you can also wrap yourself up in. This throw is thin with ‘popcorn’ pieces of yarn peaking out across the top side of the blanket. 

How this blanket helps:

With your purchase Wakened Apparel will donate 10% of this blanket donates to the Pets in Need, an animals shelter local to us + one that is near to our hearts. Through this purchase you are helping Pets in Need’s mission to advance the no-kill movement in shelters + provide lasting love to homeless pets. Giving animals a chance of being adopted and a chance at a loving home for the rest of their lives. A simple act of a purchase can change the life of an animal who needs a better life. Together we can better their world's.
Material: Woven yarn. 60% cotton, 40% acrylic 
Dimensions: 50 in x 60 in
Colors: White, beige, brown + blue

Care: Dry clean or spot clean only.
***Tip — for spot cleaning, we like to use a mixture of water with a couple drops of mild castile soap. You can apply the mixture from a bowl or spray bottle to soiled area and blot out spots with a clean cloth.***

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