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Mens Human kindness Mens Human kindness Mens Human kindness Mens Human kindness
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With your purchase Wakened Apparel will donate 10% of this shirt donates to the Best Friends Animal Society, an animal shelter located in Utah and doing amazing work all over the country especially Los Angeles California. Best Friends Animal Society is dear to our hearts. Through this purchase you are helping Best Friends Animal Society mission to advance the no-kill movement in shelters + provide lasting love to homeless pets. Giving animals a chance of being adopted and a chance at a loving home for the rest of their lives. A simple act of a purchase can change the life of an animal who needs a better life. Together we can better their world's.


About the Art:
As humans, we have the privilege + duty to help and protect other creatures we share this planet with. There may not be much in the world we can control, but how we treat others is. Both people + animals. Every act of human kindness, brings just a little bit more positivity into the world. And can very well change the life of another. One person showing kindness to an animal may not change the world, but it can change the world for that animal. And that's an incredible thing in its self.  

Soft and smooth, this tee can be worn for many occasions. It's a tri-blend, which makes it a soft and comfortable shirt! This tee is fitted but very breathable. Since it is fitted, it may run a tad bit on the small side. Depending on how loose you like your shirts to fit, consider going a size up.
Fabric: TRI BLEND 50% POLY, 25% COTTON, 25% RAYON 
Care Instructions: Wash cold, dry cool. Do not iron on print.

Size Chart

Size Sleeve
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Chest (in.) Sleeve
Width (in.)
Waist (in.)
S 8.26 34.8 17.20 34.6
M 8.46 39.37 17.72 39.37
L 8.66 40.94 18.11 40.94
XL 8.86 45.52 18.5 45.52
XXL 9.06 44.09 18.9 44.09
XXXL 9.25 45.67 19.29 45.67