The Waves are Calling Tote
The Waves are Calling Tote The Waves are Calling Tote
$ 15.00


The beach waves can be seen as an introduction to the ocean. It connects land + sea together. They're beautiful, inviting + awe-inspiring. Since this campaign is about the ocean, the beach is where most people experience it. We wanted to create a tote that could be used for holding essentials when beach bound, carrying our groceries, or being by your side during any of your daily activities. We were very thoughtful in choosing what product to add with this specific campaign in mind. We chose a reusable, canvas tote for this, so we could provide an alternative to the plastic bags that end up in the ocean everyday. The art serves as a mindful reminder of how easily our daily habits can impact the ocean, while still being aesthetically pleasing + of course, making for the perfect beach bag!



Being an item in our featured campaign, 10% from this tote is donated to Oceanic Preservation Society. They are an organization, created by individuals passionate about saving our ocean + preserving it. The form they do this in is through education. They expose complex global environment issues and promote advocacy through the use of film, photography + story-telling. There's nothing that reaches the hearts more powerfully than what we take in through our eyes. We live in a very visual age, so this is an incredible avenue to impact people + inspire


100% Cotton


Wash with cold water separately + line dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron on print


Width = 16.5"

Height = 17"

Gusset = 6"

Handles = 1.5" x 23"